Hybrid-M DC motors in the power solution up to 90 kW and above, that are available as a modular system with various types. Depending on the application, these motors can be combined with the optimum gearboxes, brakes or feedback systems.

From EV to Indusrial

High performance together with exceptionally smooth running characteristics across a wide speed and torque setting range, Hybrid-M offer large spectrum  solutions for applications in ultra compact size and weight.

Simply efficient

DC motors of Hybrid-M represent the most modern motor construction, including: fully laminated stators and rotors allowing high speeds of current alternation with low losses and heat generation.

All motors are of temperature class F (permissible permanent temperature 155 °C) and are provided with special section, mounting and impregnation of the windings section for high efficiency and low temperature.

Accurate design for the best performance

Design, simulation, testing, equipment integration and heavy duty break down protocol, before mass production. 

Customers set the standards and the output. Our task is to meet your requirements, since customer orientation is a Hybrid-M principle demanding the best quality.

Top Engineering

Every Application is Unique

RPM, torque, weight, lengths, coils, voltage, current, environment, are all interdependent, and one vs all, all affect all.

We know well DC motors and permanent magnets as well, because all is in “Magnetic Field”!

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