Regular duty 200 Ampere per single channel!

Programmable, live data and dual drivers!

All cooling: passive air cooling, forced air cooling, liquid cooling!

Right Power

With meticulous engineering and advanced electronics, our controllers and drives offer reliability and precision servo motion control. From sensitive medical dosing systems to 90 Kw EV power, our devices can handle a wide variety of applications.


New design concept offering a cost effective, compact and modular solution for the control of rotary or linear stepper, brushless or PMDC brush motors of powers up to 90Kw, with up to 600V nominal voltage and 200A (RMS) continuous current per channel.

Design for critical applications

12-96 VDC / Depending on application’s and designer’s requirements, it could play the role of an integrated slave controller or a stand alone controller for driving single, twin and multi motor electric vehicles communicating with other devices.

110-600 VDC / Motor Controller powered by 600 V battery pack is suitable for running synchronous permanent magnet and asynchronous induction motors. It combines high power performance within a compact package and high level of interconnectivity for comprehensive integration into the EV and HEV application.

Part of the Trio

DC Motor Controller

Hybrid-M power devices can improve the inverter efficiency considerably. In the past few years, the cost of the control electronics has come down significantly because of a much higher level of integration of semiconductor and other components. Also, high-quality software is now an essential ingredient to a good motor drive design at high torque.

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